Convertible and Hardtop



Convertible and Hardtop with extra Decklid

350/4 Bolt....GMC671 Polished Blower

7:1 TRW Pistons.....Cast Iron Large Plug Heads

Balanced.....Dual 650 Holley Double Pump

Holley Electric Fuel Pump with Regulator

Accel Dual Point.....Accel Coil.....MSD7AL Ignition

Accel High Output Alternator

High Volume Oil Pump.....Offenhauser Manifold

Electric Cooling Fan.....Doug Headers

Crankcase Scavenging System into Exhaust

4 Speed.....Hayes Centrifugal Diaphragm Clutch

Steel Flywheel with Hayes Scatter Shield

1"  Adjustable Torsion Links on Rear Suspension

2" Full Flow Exhaust System


Vehicle has been driven less than 100 miles in last 10 years

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